Adult Administration:  

Adult Ministries is designed to reach, educate and model Godly behaviors, to adopt the mind, character and image of Christ. Ministering to Men, Women, Singles, Seniors, and Marriages.  

Church Administration:  

Church Ministry was created to provide oversight, and administrative assistance, to service the Body and leaders within the organization.  It serves as the keystone of the church keeping order and organizational structure.  It is comprised of the finance and secretary auxiliaries.  

Education Administration:  

Education Ministry has been developed for discipling, training, evangelism and equipping the totality of Christian men, women, and children. Creating a teachable environment that offers transformation of the mind, spirit and heart by conforming to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible Study and Godly teachings.

Music Administration:  

Music Ministry was designed to provide an atmosphere of praise and worship that invokes the Spirit of the Lord, in hopes that He will feel invited to dwell among his people. 

Outreach Administration:  

Outreach Ministry was developed to evangelize and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the witness, discipleship, and services to others. Being led by the Holy Spirit to go out into the community, while reaching the unsaved through the love of Jesus Christ, and by being obedient to the Great Commission. 

Hospitality Administration:  

Hospitality Ministry was created to contribute to the needs of God’s people sharing in the necessities of the Saints.  To coordinate and cooperate with various ministries consisting of In Reach and Outreach programs. To plan, organize all fellowships, celebrations, and events for the Ministry.

Youth Administration:  

Youth Ministry was developed to partner and assist parents in bringing up children to live Godly lives. Leading youth to Christ through study of the Word, being examples, fellowship, music, and prayer.